Saturday, January 25, 2014

Attend the talk they said, you'll know more they said.. (cursing explosion)

Well, fuck that shit!

This week had been such a hellish crusade..  My emotions were tumbled up and down and I fucking hate everyone.. I was suppose to have 2 tests by the end of the week, so I was expecting that my routine is normal, I go to class, have lunch and study but noooooooo, it was a very great idea for us to attend this talk..  They told us it's about a guideline to subtract some credits hours for our degree but instead just a few people talking and promoting their college..  I must say I was being very violated because I was so fucking busy studying and people make me listen to stuff that I'm not even interested about..  What a total waste of time..

Like I said before, when I'm having a test or final or even quizzes, please don't fuck with me!  No matter who you are, Synyster Gates or Loki, bothering me or wanting me to meet anyone is a major no-no because I can react worst than the Smaug.  When I need to concentrate on something, please don't even try to contact me, don't even try to ask me out and don't even mention my name in your head..  

This had happened before, during last semester on my investment (killer) paper, and my roommate knows how pissed I was because a person was persuading me to hang out a day before my damn exam!!! 

Please understand, assessments are very important to me and I have to get the best scores for me to graduate with good CGPA, so stop being selfish and don't think of me like I'm a tool or something..  

So basically don't fuck with me!


After my random emotional tantrum, here's the photos of us selfie-ing during the talk we had to attend...  No fucks we're given that day :D

My old roomate and meyh!


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