Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clothes making #1

Hi guys!  I'm back again with my diy projects but this time I'm gonna take my own sweet time since I'm still in college and lacking of holidays (last semester was a party!) so I might be taking a few weeks to at least finish a project..  Why?  Because I didn't bring my sewing machine to fit into my freaking small room of 4 people therefore I can only sew at home and going back home is like taking forever since I'll be having a lot of tests and assessments to work on..  

Sorry guys :(

So today I only get to draw a few patterns to be used for my clothes with tutorials from youtube and a free pattern I found on

Since I'm still a noob and can't find the grid sheets anywhere to I just had to use some old newspapers...

These are the fabrics I bought from my friend..  Actually she's selling these as wide shawls and it's an opportunity for me since the patterns are cute and interesting and the shawl is really really wide, I can get  soo much fabric from it..  Yay!

Well, we'll see how far my skill can go onto the clothes making projects..  The designs are still stuck in my brain, not to be on papers yet (lazy biatch) but I'll do my best to win this self challenge.  

Thanks so much to Miss April or Coolirpa for uploading the simplest sweetheart bodice tutorial..  It took me like a few minutes only into cutting the pattern just to show you guys how easy it was...

And the burda pattern is directed to this link:


My  DSlite charger triangle relatiohship is still a better love story than twilight.

Have a nice day peeps!

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