Sunday, February 23, 2014

*Let it go, let it go, I can't study anymore...*

 I'm so depressed at the moment.  Maybe this is what every students who ''seriously-need-fucking-good-grades'' feels like on their final semester.  I'm even talking about degree since I'm only on my last semester of my diploma..  I wanna cry and I wanna play more sims!!

A few days ago, I got a message from one of my seniors who's getting married next month..  How lucky she is!  Finished her studies and getting married so quickly..  Also I'm all excited because I already bought her some wedding gifts, just need to post it all since I won't be able to attend her wedding (the date is right on my final exam T.T) 

Talking about me and relationships, the only best relationship I have is between me and my nintendo.  Even now I'm ignoring my nintendo because I'm too busy backing up my grades because of a tumbling head messed with my grades last semester..

Also last week a female student randomly asked me to join in her avant garde themed photoshoot.  She even took my number and told me the shoot will be on the following wednesday and until today I heard nothing from her..  I don't care about being stood up, but I really wanted to do an avant garde themed shoot.  But on the bright side I'm kinda glad she stood me up since, I can rest a bit more and continue on my assignment..  How pathetic!

Now here's my crappy let it go lyrics  

*I want to play the sims

I want to sew some dreams

I want to design everything I see

Let it goooooo

Let it goooooo

I don't want to study anymore*

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