Friday, February 28, 2014

Random editorial (depressed) selfie...

Bored?  Tired?  Worn off?  Fucking hate your life right now?

Cure it with random selfie!!!!!!!

I looked just like my daddy in this pic!!!! *wins*

God, I don't even have stories to tell you guys at the moment.  Everything went very fast and lifeless..  All that I can say is that, I've already got the ideas for my first handmade Eid-day dress..  That's the only cool thing I can brag about..

Other than that, we've done our presentation and I don't really like how it went.  I just couldn't understand that some people would just have this poker face and read everything on the slides without explaining it or showing effort that you really care about the presentation..  Not having the skill to speak in English is fine because I'm also not a 100% user of English but at least just fucking talk!  I'm was a bit disappointed because some of us worked hard to find the interview resources etc but some people just couldn't care less and just fucking read..  

Kids, or who ever reading this, please please please talk and explain.  People won't judge that much on you  of your high marks or CGPAs, but they will see how you talk and what you talk about..  No matter how dumb you are, but if whatever you talked about make sense, and you talk with confidence despite how bad you grammar is, people will appreciate you more..

It's not just because of you but think of your friends too.. 

That's why I don't blog much about my life, because I'm too stressed out and I don't want to make your days more miserable..

Maybe after graduating, I can make this blog more alive with more and more fashion, beauty, diys and random selfies..hahaha

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