Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bohemian Scarf-Vest Tutorial (easy fashion surgery)

Yo peeps!!!  Since our faculty annual grand meeting will be held this weekend, with the theme of Bohemian style,  I'm kinda blurred out because I'm not a Boho chick and it's very rare in our area to wear Bohemian so does wearing Gothic...

Thank God, there is a carnival held in campus, so I did some haul hunt to create something Bohemian under RM20 (approx. USD 5) 

So, I got the widest scarf that I can find and here's the tutorial!!


1) Widest scarf will create a long vest-dress
2) Medium scarf creates normal length vest
3) Short/small rectangular scarf creates crop vest

1) Lay the scarf wrong side up

2) Tie a knot at the top corner of the scarf (left and right top corner).  Each length of the knot have to be the same like in the photo above.

3) When you're done with the knots, fold the scarf in half (now the layout is right side up)

4) (While still folded in half) Find the middle of the scarf as accurate as you can, use a pin or anything to mark the middle section.  I used scissors to point out my middle part.

5) (Again while still folded) Tie a small knot at the top corner.  Similar to the photo above.

6) Ok now, take the first 2 knots you made earlier and overlap it as shown in the photo above.  Sew them together.

7) Here's the tricky part to explain.  After you sew the first 2 knots together, take the 3rd knot (the one made at the centre of the scarf) and place it under the sewn knots..  

8) Once everything is sewn the knots will form an inverted "Y" shape.  I added buttons to make it Bohemian..

9) And you're done and ready to rock the Boho runway!

Drapey, loose, messy front effect

Lazy, effortless appearance at the back

P/s: pardon my bra-strap..hahaha

Boho much!

Suppose to have first quiz tomorrow and I'm in vain

Another one with a crazy lady

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to try this tutorial!

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