Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beauty haul with Sephora (again!)

Hey beauty freaks!  Today's post is about Sephora products again.  I love getting their products because it can be considered as cheap if you measure with the length of time you would be using the products.  So today I got myself  their concealer palette and matifying powder..

I've been looking for a green concealer stick because my skin is very prone to blemishes, but since they don't have it there so I got this one.  Four colors of concealer that might be useful if my various skin tone friends wanted me to do make up for them..  Although one of them already booked me to be her make up artist for her wedding that might be on in a few years..  Such an honour, thanks so much girl!

So here the product review:

The case included 4 diff. colors of concealer and a small brush..  As in the picture below, I just apply strokes of the colors to show you guys how the appear on my skin..  I also tried the green concealer on my red devilish pimple and I'm quite surprised that my pimple is invisible and the redness is all gone..  Wehoo!!!

tips and guide:

1) Concealers with yellow undertones are used to hide dark circles.

2) Green and blue can counteract red patches on the skin, such as those caused by pimples, broken veins, or rosacea. 

3) A purple-tinted concealer can make sallow complexions look brighter.

 source: wikipedia

The second product is the matifying powder which is the same color and texture of my sculpting disk palette.. So as far as I've been using this powder, I' very satisfied because it is very long lasting..  I live in a hot weather country and easily to sweat but by using this, my face still look matte and the color stays even when my skin started to get oily..  Thumbs up for this product!!!

Well hope this review is beneficial for you guys..  Feel free to leave me question regarding anything about beauty products in the comment section below..  Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

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