Monday, December 23, 2013

2 Crazy DIYs cases (phone and nintendo 3dsxl casing)

Ssup guys!!!  I'm back for the hols and already being cray cray by making 2 DIYs in a day...  It was a relaxing therapy turned stressful when I can't stop gluing stuff on while I really was damn hungry..  Also the backache I had was unexplainable..  

But it was fun!!!!!

I don't think this is a tutorial for you guys but just showing my progress on making these 2 fab and fugly cases.

1) Stuff I bought..  It's quite expensive to buy rhinestones and beads here..  I did spent a lot on these..

Phone case progress...

Guide: If you are using super glues then you're safe but I used resin based glue..  It took a longer time to dry and need a bit of pressure to firm down the studs etc in place..  So what I did was to take any cloth, scrunch it a bit then lay the case beads side to the cloth and put something heavy on top of it..  The pressure will be spread equally from above and the cloth will fit into the nooks and crannies while pushing the beads harder to the case surface..  haha science b*tch!!!!

aaannnddd TADAAAA!!!!!

Isn't it epic? 

Nintendo 3dsxl case progress

I've decided to do ombre effect using beads.

It's not that neat but I liked it!!!  ombre!!!!

Thanks for reading!

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