Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a very busy mid-semester break: Marathon

Hey guys!!!  I'm still on mid sem break but I felt like I'm the busiest person on earth..  Despite for not celebrating xmas, but families and friends came to my house for a visit.  Also it's a long holiday for everyone so there are lots of wedding receptions that you could possibly imagine.. 

And yes, I'm on of the person who ended up to be in a reception of someone that I did'nt even knew...  



On Xmas day, I got a lil' bit cray-cray. Went to the game store and bought another nintendo system..  Although it's a used console but as long as it's still functioning then I don't care..  Getting a brand new system here (eventhough it's NDS) means that you have to starve yourself, like for 3 months..  Getting a used one might get you starving for a week..  Even to get this system, I thought about it so many times before proceeding to buy it, then I turned on my YOLO mode..

And there goes my money...   

I even made my own NDS case/bag by using my first ever goth t-shirt...   What i love about NDS system it that it's backward compatible, so I'm able to play again with my old cartridges that i found a few days back..  The only problem it that, I've lost my favourite cartridge with my old GBA..  Goddamnit! I should have kept the game!  

Genius Why strikes again. T_T

Seeing these two together made me think of this memes:


Apart from gaming, I've been helping my friend to sew lots of scarves for her bussiness..  Ok it might be a partnership in someway =.=''

So yesterday was actually our photoshoot day of her scarves and my clothes.  I'm actually the photographer and she's the model (for the scarves) but she got too camera shy and I ended up modelling for her too... Oh God Why..

With 'blergh' makeup, 'blergh' face, mega 'blergh' of gothism

Well, after the scarves, I asked her to shoot for my clothes and yet, she takes the best photos ever!  I've worked with her before and she's the best with it..  There's some part of her crazy brain that has this amazing  visual creativity..  Like I said to her, ''Trust me I'm an engineer'',  yeaah she's an engineering student =.=

How honoured I am that I got the chance to wear my original design.

Necklace was from a dearly friend, Miss Zaza (my concert bitch)

Suppose to be ''my clothes'', but we got so exhausted and had to stop the shoot only after we're done with the first outfit...

My second outfit tired face...

And now again I'm very miserable because I need to settle up my group assignment that needed to be submitted directly after the holidays..


Thanks for reading!

p/s: If there any of you locals (Malaysian) would like to sell functional GBA cartridges (if possible the ''XXX-in-1'' games that has classic nes super mario in it) please email me at:


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