Saturday, July 27, 2013

Haul Hunter Rockin' Stripes

Sorry for no entry for quite some time. The story here is that, I had food poisoning and totally out for a week..  The night I had it, I vomitted like 5 times from 1 to 5 in the fucking A.M.!!!  And had a fever later that day..  I had to skip fasting for the next 4 days, since I had to keep on drinking to avoid from dehydration  and it was horrible, because I'm not fasting but I can't eat.  I can't even look at any food because my brain will start to imagine the smell of the food then I'll automatically be a fucking barf machine..  And how shocking is that, I'm still having a self-hate moment of my life because the food poisoning really affected me. I'm currently a twig bitch and looked like an anorexic person.  Damn it!

So, in a conclusion, I was totally fucked up.

Me with a very worn out make-up T_T
But, thank God I'm getting better now.  I can continue my fasting and I eat like a freaking dragon.  

And the best part is, I managed to go to my friend's voluntary charity carboot sale and got 3 amazing outfits with only RM20. 

Hue Hue Hue...

So, I bought a preloved faux snake-skin flats for RM10, stripes cardigan sweater for RM5 and a stripes sweater hoodie for RM5..  Not so much goth stuff out there but I managed to buy some as a support and contribution for the charity..

Slytherin' in style...

For some beauty haul, I just bought some Sephora stuff because it's getting hotter here in my country, obviously with a random heat wave, so I have to get some stuff that will hold my make up (hot country and a natural oily skin is an epic fail!) and moisturize my hair...


1) Sephore Gel Base Smooting Primer (texture like talc power)
2) Sephora Dry Shampoo (tried it out and my hair strand felt full, smooth and magically it stays in place.  Possibly it has unicorn pee in there *0*)


Actually I have another plan..  But I have to wait until the long semester's break because I wanted to bleach my hair and of course not getting caught and paying some fine to my Uni..  

No No!  Don't panic!  Not my whole head, but just the bottom half of it..  Now I got 2 options:

1) Bleach until get desired color and leave it  like that


2) Bleach until maximum light color and dye it in red burgundy henna

For the bleach, I'm totally gonna order Manic Panic Bleaching Kit because many users said it's the best bleach and the damage rate is very minimal..


Challenge Accepted!!!!

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