Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blogshop review: Tanks for 5


Need a shopping therapy?

No problem!  Because Tanks For 5 have everything that you need in the most affordable price ever!

So, today I'm going to do a review of this amazing shopping website.  Last 2 weeks, my friend asked me to join her do some online shopping, since I've seen Tanks for 5 before (but never get to buy anything yet), I've recommended  her just to check out their web page...

After some hunting, we've found our stuff and start sending email..  Their customer service is very amazing and fast..  That's the most lovable because some online shops sometimes take nearly 24 hours to respond but they're just zaaapping in the replies..

Hmmm what should I say more?  Ahh!  The materials..  Personally I liked each and every one of the materials of my skirts (I bought skirts this time), they're soft and cool and quick dry..

You know what, I got nothing to say more but just asking you guys to get your hunting guns and check them out!

Siriyesly very MURAAAH!!!

Before logging out, here's the fashion spread shot by us taken by Pipa
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Tanks for reading 


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