Saturday, August 22, 2015

Birthday haul with Colorpop swatches | ig shop review

Again I went a bit more crazier.  Adding more lipsticks to my collection although I already got like tons of them.  Makeup is never enough to girls.  Since getting colorpop directly is hard enough so, I looked out for a reseller of this product.  

Check her out on instagram @makeupallure_

So here what I bought for the first try of this brand.

Without flash

With flash

Lipstickless me.

Me with Fiesta 

I don't think this color suits me because all I can see is my lips looked like been padded with paint.  My lips is awkwardly obvious and I hate this because I really love this color. -.-

Me with Tulle.

This color is beyond amazing!!!  It's something like berry mixed with a little bit of grey.  

Me with Dalia

Basically similar to all the fall shades that I already have but darker and appear more red which is very good.  Nothing wrong with this color, I love it but I don't think my brain can identify anymore colors.  I gotta stop buying these similar tones urrgghhh.

Me with Lax

Well this is the color that I'm looking forward to.  OXBLOOD!!!!  An absolute favourite and this is the actual color that I've been searching for since ever.  I'm so freaking happy!!!


I did the snake tongue eyeliner btw hehe

Layered my caged bralet with lace flowy crop top from 

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