Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alternate story behind...

To all of you who followed every story on my blog, you will remember that I was having a hard time in the last few weeks.  But God heard my prayers and my soul is finally free during the second week of Eid month.  I felt so blessed for the love and support from my friends.

So during the hard time period, I was offered to play the demon role in the video clip.  I had to reject the offer because the day we were suppose to shoot is during the exam week and I had to study on that day.  This part is still fine.  

Later then, I got an email offering me the role again since they postpone the date due to certain circumstances and it fell on the first day of my semester break.

This is not fine...

I had a second thought about playing that role because it connects with the problems that I committed with.  I was thinking about how "these kind of people" would accept me if "this" happened in future etc.  I always think about others first that I nearly ruined my chances in life.  At that moment, I'm not thinking straight because I was driven with something else.

But then I thought, fuck it!  God had given me this chance for a reason, that is for me to live my own life first, do what I want, enjoy what I love, have fun with my friends and not to satisfy or follow other people's thoughts.  Committed or not that doesn't mean that I should stop myself from anything.  Maybe this is the point where I should've realized my situation and take things to my own hands, manned up and finish this negativity.

2 weeks later, unleashed.  

I'm free
My sun has set
My soul is released
I have no regrets at all...

So I did it.  I'm very thankful to all that is very supportive towards me.  And I never felt better in life.  I have achieved something instead of getting committed to nothing actually.  I never stop appreciating these people who had pushed me out of this cocoon of misery and now I'm happier.  

I'm free and happy.  

It's a lie if I said that I'm never in distress after it ended considering that I had minor stress issues but what these people had done for me had given me strength to go through this stuff.

Thank you guys and I love each and everyone of you.  

You guys are the ones who deserved this love, no one else.

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