Saturday, August 29, 2015

Unboxing Xyron Sticker Maker 2.5'' | Downloadable planner stickers 2

Good day readers!!!  I'm so happy today because the xyron sticker maker is now available in Malaysia and I already purchased one too.  hahaha 

The sad part, I've used it on too many items that I've already printed and cut out few days earlier, and now I ran out of sticker papers.  Yes, in 2 hours all gone.  I nearly cried but now my space is full of stickers yaaaaaayyy!!! 

To all of you who are wondering where did I bought the machine, well it's from my all time favourite craft store that is now available through its online store.  Not to worry, this store is amazing with crafting products, and the sales person are friendly.  For those who purchase it online, they will reply back to your enquiries very fast.  I can really assure you that.  So check them out in the links below;

Check my previous crafting purchases/ideas from Craft Haven Malaysia;

Check out their other crafting products at:

Unboxing Xyron Sticker Maker 2.5''

How the box looked like.

Simple and minimal boxing by xyron :D

Came with a user guide book.

How to use?

Just slip in any papers ect. with max width of 2.5 inches and roll it out...

And boom!!!

Here are my stickers that I printed out before.
These are available for personal the details below :D

These stickers are obviously not mine, I found them on and I will not upload the stickers here but you can only get them through my email.

If you require these mini stickers, just email me at;

(subject: I want stickers vol.2)

Have a nice dayyy!!!!

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