Saturday, May 3, 2014

Instashop Haul and Review: Qaysaa Hijabs

Hi guys!!!  Today I have a special kind of review because my friend, Hann from Citta Store invited me to come and support her  as one of the in house vendors in Qaysaa Hijabs (instagram: @qaysaahijabs ) also for the Grand opening of this store itself..  Of course at first I though, ok just to support, don't spend anything but maaaan their stuff are cool and very murah mann...  I can't help myself to open up my wallet while singing ''Let it goooo'' to my cash hahaha..  

Before I start my haul, if any of you would like to visit (aku paksa pegi jugak) this store, here's the

 location and address:

F-26-02, Alam Avenue 2, Jalan Serai Wangi N16/N, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Datang ok!!!!

These are the list of collaborating vendors 

The store located at the top floor of the shop lot, so if you guys are lost, seek out for this banner :D

Mak cik getting excited so much after bershopping..


1) Skull long top
2) Voir Cardigan
3) Black Skinny Jeans
4) Uniqlo Shades

And now the haul begins!

I spent only for RM130 for 4 items, and the items are;

1) Designer inspired shades

Buy 1 for RM30
Buy 2 for RM50 kalo x silap (can't remeber bcos I was too excited)..

I bought 2 hehe..

Looks like King Aslan is in the hood bitches!!!

How shall I stop looking like a K-pop star?  I'm a goth for god sake T-T

2) Punkish Lippy Jelly Sandals

Ultra Adorable!!!

RM30 kot..still can't remember anything about the price..

3) YSL inspired clutch

This one I remember becos I got it from Citta Store that only costs me RM50.

So much win bcos this clutch is awesome and so I bought it for my dearest friend who's getting married tomorrow yay!!!

So apa lagi people!!???? There are lots of other stuff to get from this shop like kimono cardigans, maxi skirts, shawls and others!!

Check it out yourself man! Believe me, I'm going back to this shop again haha..

Ok thanks for reading love! 

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