Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Newly weds: Ina and Rain

Hey guys!!  The past few days had been so truthfully exciting for me because one of us, ''The Girls'' already became a Mrs to a wonderful guy who came from the same state of my hometown..

They both are still studying but in God's grace, they met a year ago and finally announced as the man and wife..  Like the elders always tell me, once you've found your soulmate, God will help you with everything to make you guys be with each other..  

And I only wish for Synyster Gates, lols!

The shades is epic mann!!!
Gladly to see even with a head scarf, I'd still look dark.

Me and ma homies...Simple make-up since I was kinda late for the event, had so much laughter for watching some stand up comedy videos..

Ina and Rain
Sweet and Lovely couple 
Damn I wanna get married now!

Of course a photo of the couple together with the goth that never shuts up..

Also I was her wedding PR, reporter and photographer..

When both of them are free,  I will eventually force and drag them to do a wedding photoshoot together because they really need to utilize the 400 pages of photo album that me and my friend sponsored hahahaha

''May God bless you guys and cherish all of us with cute lil babies''

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