Friday, May 23, 2014

World Goth Day 2014

Hi guys!!!  Happy (belated) WGD to you guys!!  I though of posting this entry last night but I was too tired after hours of hanging out with my friends and I had a blast yesterday.  Usually every year, I don't do much on WGD , rather stay at home watching movies and stuff but this year, I was thinking like what the hell? Just get out and have fun OUTSIDE..

So, my best friend manage to be in town (he moved out years ago) and picked up another best friend at her house and went for an awesome lunch..  It's kinda weird to celebrate with non-goths since we are lacking of dark creatures here in my town but I'm very grateful that they are the most supportive and who needs strangers if you got the most awesome buddies right? 

I havent seen this guy for too long..  Missed him so much!!! #bromance

And pardon my pinky lips, before I went out, my cousins came by, had some drinks and smeared my lips, and too lazy to fix the color...

After having lunch, we hung out at the most epic playground I've ever seen since like 12 or something and what does three 21 year-old do if they see a playground?


MANKEY IN 3..2..1..

*I did hung up the rope but my friend missed to snap a photo of it T_T* 

*also proud of the EPICA hair*

A very casual me that is terrified of heights...

These monkeys are expert..dayyum!!

So I just lie down on the rope bridge..


That pride -.-

So I did bought a new game for my 3ds..  I don't know why, but I really love Ben 10 games, I had so much fun with my PS2 games so I would like to give this a good try..

And I was so touched that  my best friend's (the dude) lil sister, who is a baby bat (winning!) bought me a spiked choker and a key chain all the way from Australia..  Such a sweetie :D I really should get her something though.

Also my cousins that came earlier that day, brought like the whole collection of FRIENDS sitcoms that made me hard to decide whether to watch them all or play BEN 10..Thanks cuz!!!

Well, that's all for my WGD 2014 entry, a very short entry but I had so much fun ever!!

See you soon guys..

Have a nice day <3 font="">

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