Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weirdos outing

Hey, its been a few days since I've updated about my boring epic gothic failure.  So here's a story of a bunch of weirdos that finally hang out together after months for not seeing each other..  I missed these retards so bad man..so bad..

Basically with these people, our main activity will be karaoke..  Where ever we go, we will sing and scream the shit out of out throats before have more fun and go food hunting..

Our favourite boyfriend..

Me singing ''Bertakhta di hati'' by Farahdhiya and the other 3 enjoying the go pro thingy

My tired face after throat excersize 

Then we had this great idea to walk across the mall just to do some random selfies at the field opposite the building..  I tell ya, when you are old enough, you know walking is tiring hahaha..

and eat again

So that day was so fun for us and looking very forward to do this again with em'


And the next day I was forced to go to a house warming party.. 

 Here's an arabic inspired goth look from me

Thanks for reading..  Have a nice day peeps

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