Friday, April 18, 2014

Never make your friends do your hair.. Learned my lesson T_T

You know that phase when you wanna go crazy on your hair, and have the support of your best friend too? ALSO WENT FULL RETARDED?  Yep!  It's my turn this time..  I had my manic panic 40 bleach, so I was intelligently enough to ask my amature friend to bleach my whole head..  

And this happened..

It turned out that my dark pigments were too strong that ended up having brown and blonde patches all over my head..  Even grandma cracked up laughing the whole evening instead of lecturing about my disastrous hair..

So, the next morning I went to the professional saloon to fix my hair.. And again, the hairstylists laugh at me, but no fucks were given because they were friendly to me and I know the owner of the saloon..  So, wutevah!

I asked the hairstylist to only bleach my hair because I thought of henna-ing my hair weeks later but instead, it went too far..  I'm basically a bleached blonde and more disastrous when the bottom of my hair was still brunette (as i said before, my pigments were too strong)

My shocked Elsa face.

Can you see the difference?  It turned ombre..

Also I felt like a kpop star..  I had fun of this color for 15 minutes, but then remembering I'm a goth, I nearly shed my bloody tears..


I was turning into this lady (CL on 2ne1)
(source google)

Instead of this dragon lady (Simone of Epica)
(source google)

I really wanted to bleach then henna my hair because I wanted to have the hair color like Simone, but shit happens man..shit happens..

 The results: 

I don't look goth at all with my new hair..


Well, this is my reference now..I hate it when your hair changes color, you need to change the style of your make up too... 

(source google)

Thanks for laughing..

~The Lady of Regrets~


Adah The Freak said...

bontot punya y. I FREAKIN LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR TAHU? but bcs of kau nak goth style punya color hair idk thats why kau dissatisfied but to me kau nampak sangat epic and the color of your hair suits you lah. imagine if it was me dengan warna rambut mcm kau, i'd look like a nigga tryin to be a paris hilton

Amirah Why (Lady Of Gothica) said...

awww adah, so sweet ko ni..feel like i wanna cubit your pipi lahhhh...

yeah, you got me bro dissatisfied due to the ungothism..u know me so well

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