Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sims 3: Most Beautiful/Handsome Challenge!!!!

Hey guys, it's been a while since I made an entry about the sims stories..  So, I was getting bored with the same routine while playing sims, then my brain stuck me with some challenge ideas..  I saw on the internet about making the ugliest sims but ugly sims is damn easy..  Most of the sims are deadly ugly except the Goth and Langerak family..  So yeaaaahhh this is shit hahahaaaah

Well why don't we make our lives harder by creating the most beautiful/handsome sims of 10 generations.  Meaning, creating the most attractive sims up until the 10th generation..  And to make it more interesting, making sure the 1st generation is still alive (no ghost allowed!)..

So here are the rules:

1) Create a most attractive & hot single female/male sims for your initial household
2) Search the town for the most attractive/hot to be your life partner
3) Get married and have only 1 child (up to you whether you want a girl or a boy)
4) Raise the child as the best parents as possible (include skills advancement, tutoring and send for classes
5) As the child grows up, make them find their most attractive/hot life partner
6) They get married and produce 1 child only 
7) These steps goes on until you get through the 10th generation.

The terms: 

1) Cheats are allowed
2) Only eyebrows, hairstyles, makeup and outfits can be changed
3) Facial structure are not allowed to be adjusted
4) Once the household is full, take your current playing sims to move out with their life partner and continue the challenge from a different home.

I will update my progress here soon..

So long and Good Luck!

My progress...
1st generation
(human dad, witch mom)


                Mortimer Goth--------------*Arweanna (Rivendell) Goth

2nd generation
(witch mom, human dad) 


*Melina Azaria (Goth) Hansen ----------- Branden Hansen

3rd generation
(human mom, werewolf dad)


*Myra Ophelia (Goth, Hansen) Stafford---------Jimmy Stafford

4th generation
(werewolf dad, human mom)


*Micheal Eros Stafford--------------Raquel (Morh) Stafford

5th generation
(fairy by elixir, zombie dad)


*Johanna Maria (Stafford) Mahan-----------Rodrick Mahan

6th generation
(zombie, witch)


*Io Andromeda (Mahan) Merritt--------------Brandon Merritt 

7th generation
(vampire, human)


Dustin Langerak-------*Eva Medina (Merritt) Langerak

8th generation

Zachary Davis Langerak

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