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Recipe: Kek Gula Hangus / Caramalized Burnt Sugar Cake

Ok, kepada anda yg rakus lagi kelaparan dan mengidam benda manis untuk dilahap, meh sini aku kasi resipi yg aku search dan marathon 3 kali buat masa raya haritu..  Marathon bhai!  Sampai nak muntah aku rumah bau gula..  Demm...

Cara aku buat senang.  Tak jumpa hand mixer, tak payah pening pakai blender..  Lantak kau kek nak jadi rupa apa janji bila masuk mulut aku boleh berlagak dan riak akan kesedapannya..  Jadi aku share di tutorial kek gula hangus, tapi versi translation omputih ye..  Nak melayu punya tak de hal, aku kasi link utk explaination yg lagi padu (amboi! padu hokeyh!)

Jadi utk resipe versi aku, jgn blah lagi..baca sampai habis...  hehe 


As I told you guys before, I'm going to give you guys a tutorial on making my style of Caramalized burn sugar cake recipe..  Firstly, why is the name so freaking weird like that?  Well, because it's a direct traslation from it's original name which is in my native language..  And the name basically shows your the general steps of making this cake..

Caramalized the sugar--> make it burn a bit (overcooked sugar) --> add in cake bater

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 So I did this recipe for our Eid celebration..  I didn't really had any plans to do but when I do, I had 3 days marathon of cake making activity..  

So basically you need:

1) Blender or handmixer ( I used blender because I can't find my hand mixer)
2) Steamer pan
3) Measuring spoons
4) Flour sieve (optional, but I didn't used it because I'm too lazy to add another tool to wash) 

*Standard size cake measurement:

1) 1 cup of sugar
(for better flavor use 1/2 cups of brown sugar & 1/2 cup of regular granulated sugar)

2) 1 cup of hot water

3) 2 table spoons of butter
(salted or unsalted is optional)

4) 4 eggs
(for the egg you need to eyeball it a bit, because some eggs are large and some are smaller, so what i did was I put 2 eggs first, blend and see whether i get a cake bater consistence, if it's to thick just add another egg and so on.. Make sure you get cake bater consistency..)

5) 1 cup of sweetened condense milk
(this is optional too, for better taste just use it.. if you don't have this kind of milk just substitute it with 1 cup brown sugar OR granulated sugar) 

6) 1 cup of flour

7) 2 tea sp bicarbonate of soda

8) 1 tea sp vanilla essence


1) Caramelizing the sugar...

a) Take a frying pan or any pans, turn the heat on medium low and pour the 1 cup of sugar.. Fry them (dry pan only, no oil needed) and wait until most of the sugar is melted and turns brown a bit..
b) Add 1 cup of water slowly and at the same time keep on whisking the becoming caramel sugar solution. The sugar might harder like A LOT but don't panic, just continue to whisk slowly and later on the harden sugar will start to dissolve in the water.
c) Add 2 table spoons of butter and mix until it became a proper, no sugar grain left sugar solution.
d) Continue to whisk around slowly until your get a dark brownish yellow color solution..once there, quickly turn off the heat because you don't want the solution to cook further. Leave it on the stove of a while..

2) The cake bater...

a) In a blender (or a mixer), put the eggs and blend them until you get light yellow-cream colour
b) Add 1 cup of sweetened condense milk. Blend it again
c) Add the flour and bicarbonate of soda and turn on the blender again.. Make sure they mix well..
d) Pour in the vanilla essence and again, freaking blend like crazy.

3) The magic begins...

a) Add the caramalized sugar (from step 1) into the cake bater..
b) Again, blend the careful not to spill out the bater peeps
c) Take a baking dish, lay with baking paper or cooking spray and pour in all of the bater.
d) Now the mega decision;
i) if you wanted to have the ant nest effects, just leave the bater to ''shape'' for 3-4 hours.
ii) if you hate waiting and don't give a damn how it will turn out to be, just pop into the steamer or oven and wait for it to cook.

4) Cooking options:

For less time consumption:
~ Bake for 60 minuter with 60'C

For moisture (I picked this option)
~ Steam for 1 hour and 45 minutes

Once cooked, leave it to cool like usual and...


Good Luck :D
*feel free to leave a comment for more info of this recipe*


Anastacia said...

Thanks so much for this!!!! Searched everywhere for an English recipe and this was super informative too!!

Amirah Why said...

hi babe!!!! thank you for reading the recipe..glad it helps

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