Friday, August 16, 2013

The Sims 3: Lagging & Freezing Issue

Hey guys, currently I get some rest from playing the sims because the game is having some lagging and freezing issues and the only way that I observed myself to avoid this issue is by making your pc rest for a while (because I had this problem before and it kinda worked)..


Ain't nobody got time for that, so I searched some solutions online and I hope it will work on my computer this time :)

Solution options:

1) Installing some software to boost your gaming performance (link)

2) using CTRL+SHIFT+C ''ResetSim''

3) uninstall and deleting any unnecessary or huge bytes of your CCs, sometimes when your house is using furnitures from the CC it will make the game freezes because it takes a longer time for the game to load the CC from time to time (especially when you're doing extreme movements towards your sims)

4) reducing your graphic resolution performance 

5) change folders or change towns (link)

6) Check or upgrade your media performance (link)

7) Combining Package files (link)

8) use a mod to limit the amount of sims (link)

9) go to My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 drag and drop the mods folder onto your desktop (link)

10) Delete cache files, but only these ones!! 


You will find them in your documents /electronic arts /the sims 3 (link)

11) if you're using a laptop, upgrade your RAM 

12) remove all mods 

13) if you want to use the same household, go to edit town, save a copy of your household. Go to the main menu and start a new game with the same household. 

14) try to move out of your current house into a simpler house design.  if the game still lag and freezes, repeat solution 13 and move into any ready made houses that is already in the game.  Building new houses will slow your gaming thus causing the lag.

15) Don't go online while Simming.  Going online while playing will make your game to download the featured items photos from the sims website automatically.  Thus this will clutter up your ''featured items folder'', so you guys have to delete all featured items photos 

how to find? just go to ''Documents/Electrinic arts/The Sims 3/featured items''

Well, I hope these list of solutions will help you guys out there!

Happy simming :D


Problem: I still want to use my household because I'm using it for the 10 gen challenge, but in the current game file, the game continuously freezes and lags especially when I use too many CC housing decors and furnitures.  I deleted the CCs but the problem is still there...*table flip stunt*

So, I managed to solve the lagging problem in my game, not sure how yours will work but basically mine does and I'm happily continuing my 10 gen challenge..  So what I did was:

1) Install the Advance System Care and clean up all shitty junk in my laptop..  I swear I can make a freaking junk empire just from my machine :(

2) Install Razer Game Booster and lauch your game through this platform (you'll know what I mean once you've intalled it)

3) Start the game, with my current-lagging-game:
    a) click tools circle button ''(...)''
    b) click ''edit town''
    c) copy and save my household
    d) exit the game and restart it again (through RGBooster platform)
    e) at the main menu, click ''new game''
    f) chose the household that Isaved 
    g) chose a house (recommended to use the ready made in game houses)

4) And your happiness shall begin...


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