Sunday, August 18, 2013

Queen of Procrastination: Eid Day Celebration

Last week I was on midterm break for our Eid Celebration.  Lots of photos were captured but I was so busy from the first day of Eid until today..  Even on the first day, I woke up quite early and get ready wearing just a simple shirt and leggings to help out my mom.  Later that day, then I got the opportunity to change into my official Eid dress that I worn for 2 days alternate..  Worst, no make up T.T.  I only get the chance to do my hair as suddenly mom told me that my cousins and relatives are coming, so more maid work for me..yay!

The Eid-eve activity..  Tansferring fancy cookies into fancy breakable jars that I hated the most to used during Eid, because some kids just intelligently hold the lid and not the body of the jar.. 

 Pegang penutup --> penutup x kuat --> jatuh kat lantai --> pecah berderai --> more bibik work 

the moral of the story is, think before you eat. --''

Ok the leggings  I wore was from Pro'jett (insta) only at RM28..  Loving it so much!

So the first day was tiring, and thank god the second day no one came to visit, so I went out with mom to get some stuff and also oriental massage..  My legs hurts so bad, I felt like screaming and not to mention that I'm very ticklish..  A single nerve touch would make an earthquake of myself T_T

And the third day was amazing, since my friend were all at home so I invited them to come and hangout..  What I love the most, that they adored my caramel moist cake (kek gula hangus/sarang semut) which I will share the recipe with you guys later on.

So, after eating at my house, all of us convoyed (with 3 cars) to their houses.  I drove, Aat drove and Fith drove and I'm the most amature racer that day..  Ultra Loser!

 Yup, totally have to camwhore with this person, who now studies in UK and will meet her again for the next 365 days

New passenger, since her sister hijacked her car.. 

My eid-dress with  make-up all worn out =.=''..  I know I looked very thin, because of the food poisoning effect ok..  I'm not anorexic or bulimic..  And I have no talent to get fat because shockingly I have high metabolism rate..  



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