Saturday, April 8, 2017

When the courier service gives you lemon...

I received this broken earring from my seller and managed to get a replacement pair on this one.  Broken but never forgotten accept for the international courier service though.

But it's good for me since I can keep this one for myself.

Why courier why?!!!!

I summoned the DIY spirits in me and began the surgery.

Seriously an unborn child could DIY this.  I cut off the other needle (wait what do you call the pointy thing?) and shave off the bumpy area with a toll that I can't even think of the name right now.  

I also bought this flat earstud base from Lovisa because I can't find any other store that sell a cheap version of this.  

Hot glue gun both gemstones and yassss I just saved a new pair of earrings.  
Had to use the packaging to see how expensive this piece of broken shit can be lol!!!! 

B*tch fab!


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