Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lazy Blogger's Beauty Bin 2017

I'm back this time with a Beauty Bin post.  I always consider myself as a beauty product hoarder because I think I will use them till the end.  But I never did -.-  so I ended up keeping them for no reason and tell myself I'm gonna need it although never touching it again.

I did some cleaning up though.  Why?  Because I want to buy more stuff.  A legend once told, if you want to add up new stuff in your room, get rid of the old fugly one.  The legend was never real but I did threw out a few shit I found lying around for no reason in my bat cave.

I'll take them to you one by one.  We shall start with this one.

I have no idea I had this -.- and it's 75% empty.  WTF?  When I found this liquid makeup remover again after months of not knowing it exist, I know it had to go.  So I pour out all the leftover liquid inside and soak my dirty brushes with it.  Cheers for clean brushes!

But I'm never buying this again.  It's a good product to soak brushes with but for my face, I had to use a lot of the liquid and shit is not cheap tho.  

Yasss these!  I'm literally a compact powder destroyer because I broke them all the time.  I can't even recall when did I never threw away a compact without the insides getting broken and powder fell out everywhere I could imagine.  Maybelline make good compacts but now I have a new favorite.  F*cking Garnier!

Hahaha this one...
This is actually a sample product I got from Sephora and I never liked it.  It just doesn't go with my skin type but I use them a lot when I'm MUA on the job.  I did great for perfect cover up makeup tho.  Had it for a long time and finally get rid of it because of the smell.  Expired and yuck!

Bitch, I'm cheap af!!!
I was also a CC cream sample I got from Sephora and it was amazing.  Full size bottle cost around RM300++ expensive for me and I'm never buying one.  

The old times when I was not a holosexual...
Remember that time when OPI was the dopest brand?  I still do because I've been keeping this Limited Edition small packed Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection for years.  Used them only a few times but never liking 'em.  I messed up maybe because I haven't been sniffing any holo glitter at that time.

The times when I've converted to be a holosexual, then I ruined it...
It was tragic...
Hats down for this fallen holo glitter nail polish...  

I felt like I've committed a murder and this sin shall never be forgiven by the HoloGods.  Wanna know what happened?  My genius ass brain told myself if I pour in the Sally Hansen nail polish remover, this thickened polish will thin a bit and I can continue doing my nails.  But the remover was strong that it makes the glitter bleached out its sparkle and made the polish turned cloudy.  

I.....I just can't...forgive me!

Holy f*ck I got molded!
Sleek blush by 3 is my forever favorite blush palette.   The pigmentation and texture is never a disappointment.  I even have nothing against this blush and also use it as eyeshadow sometimes when I need my eyes to glow red.

Then this happened... 

It got attacked by mold.  Don't even ask me how it happened because I have no idea and yes I kept all my makeup in a good suitable condition.  Too bad that this color is unique and hard to find also not many sellers in my country take online orders for this brand. 

This is one of the true cause of suicide.
Oh my God--he's got my Cadillac Red lipstick! It's discontinued!! I want that creep to fry!

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