Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Not really unboxing preloved Tamagotchi Friends

Reminiscing childhood again.  Remember my Nintendo3dsxl story?  No?  Oh well go on read it now.  Fyi, I still remember my first gameboy system was a Gameboy Advance.  Considering the price at that time it was quite expensive and not convincing to get me a RM400 worth of gaming system (I was in elementary school at that time).  But I had the best granpa ever.  If I'm not mistaken, we had a deal that I had to do good in my exam and I did it.  Best memories stays forever, RIP.

Yasss once again I'm old and finally getting myself a real original Tamagotchi.  

B*tch I'm shook!

Have you ever went through a situation that you want something so bad that you actually gave up and forget about it.  Then something triggers you to pulled out a tiny memory of that thing from your brain, and you're like "b*itch, screw your wedding money!"

Yas!!! That's what I had because I'm old and sad.

Also I'm giving you the excitement of unboxing a used and functional Tama.  Seriously I've been looking for a Tamagotchi since forever.  Forever meant to be when I can afford it myself.  I did asked my mom to get it from Japan but wtf it was sold out there.  The product from Japan got sold out in Japan, how many did they produce tho? Ten?  So once, again I was left broken by a toy and literally forgot about it.

Then granpa passed away and his passing triggered me to spend on something that I wanted just to get myself happy again.  Something I need to get that is similar to granpa, something that eat, sleep, shit, sleep again and eat.  I might get a special place in hell for saying that but b*tch I have a Tamagotchi b*tch! And you don't!

I went out for a hunt in Toys R Us Sunway Pyramid but I can't find any.  Wtf does kids these days playing with?  Seriously I remembered in my time, it was dope!  Literally dope, not just because I had the mind of a child (I still do) but it was dope af!  So next, I went for hunting in carousell app.  Thank God I found a few weird people like me that are selling sealed and used Tamas.  I picked a seller and she offered the best price for me (half the price of a new sealed Tama).

Btw, I have no idea what this thing can do and f*ck I don't know which version it is tho but I'm gonna unbox it for the excitement!!!!  The seller sent it on Mondays and I received it yesterday so yeah I'm still a Tama virgin.


 Box porno.

 Planner addict moment.  That cute sticky flag oh my God!!!

 Finally the face of my new (used) baby.  Don't event start on the color, I hate it but I had no choice -.-

 I'm gonna cry!!!
I'm 24, have a full talent of spending money and acting like a child.

Uhhh the fat-ness.  I can't stop touching it. 
The Fat Tama Grip!



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