Friday, May 29, 2015

I shall now be a brunette.

Well, mission accomplished!  I'm no more a blonde nor a redhead!!!

*pic taken nearly a year ago*

This hair is all gone :(
Gonna miss you so very much.

Earlier today, I went to the saloon to get my roots and basically my whole head done with a reddish brown color, but then my stylist said that the reds won't appear that much if I don't bleach my heir first.  Had bleaching experience and it was nothing but torture, so I'm not gonna repeat that again -.-

The before shot

 I got a free serum treatment, and being left alone at the washing section, you gotta take a selfie maann!

And tadaaaaaaaaaaa, but not really.

A very bare faced goth.

The real tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Officially a brunette.  

Did my makeup, inspire by Sharon Den Adel (metallic glittery eyelids)

Demonic hues lol

The Victoria's Secret gaze

And the hair swoosh -.-

Here's a little smiley from me.  Have a nice day!

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Ramona said...

i think the brown hair looks great even without reddish hints in it though!

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