Wednesday, May 20, 2015

World Goth Day 2015 Entry 2: How goth am I?

Some had been asking me why I don't look goth as before.  

Totally not offended but I felt quite distressed because I don't feel like myself any more.  Not that I don't want to be the goth-goth but the community currently I'm living in is too uptight.  If they see me in my full form, they might think I just gave birth to Lucifer and feed him with human blood.  

 I'm gonna be an accidental ''star of the show'' while what I really wanna do is just being invisible and live in the shadows. 

Everything I do, I must do in minimal amount.  My make up is only eye liner, brick's red eye shadow and red lipstick.  Of course people might mistaken me as a usual make up junkie (although I'm not denying that) instead of a real goth.  

To answer your question, this is how I present myself now...

a) During a certain cultured formal events...
This was how I did my make up.  
Very minimal and consider normal as far as I can be but still got the weirdest stares among the guests.
Please people, I'm a fucking human being!  Not freaking satan!  

b) At home...
Well at home I don't do much make up unless if I'm getting ready to out later.  
I only wear black shirts and hot pants.

c) Going out in public...

Yes!!!  This is the real me.  Thicker eye liner and darker lipstick.  Need to essence up my eyes but still waiting for my NYX palette to arrive.

Tell me about your current goth look.  Leave in the comments or email me 

Have a nice celebration!

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~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ said...

me even if not in black, saya akan cuba pakai gothic accessory. itu cara utk satisfy my heart

anyway... haaha happy dapat jumpa another goth

*goth salute*

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