Sunday, June 3, 2012

Second Annual Red & Black Week #1

Today is the first day of the 2nd annual red & black theme and this is my first time joining this amazing week theme.  This theme will start on the 3rd of June and ended on the 8th.  I don't think I'll have 6 days of entries but trying my best to make it to 6.  

Red & black are the most important elements in goth.  Whether it's clothing, furniture or even decorative items in the house.  Unfortunately my house is lack of goth stuff since I'm living with non-goth family members and the only space that is dark enough is my wardrobe.. Great.

So, as my first ever entry for the week, I just wanna talk about fashion..  Maybe for the next, another next or another another next entry I'll post something bout make-up.  Well I don't know..hahaha..

I have this awesome fitting black dress I bought for the last 2 years maybe and it has always been my favourite dress because it looks simple, a lil' sexy but somehow magically demure.  And of course I had this artistic feeling in some days where I made myself a simple photoshoot but puts a lot of effort in the filtering part.  You know, to make the photo looks like its being professionally shot..hahaha but it came out good..  So I was satisfied..haha

Ok! Let's check out those photos!!






My most favourite shot: 



Dress, The Reject Shop
Maroon Ribbon, can't remember
Necklace, Bonita

With love:
Lady of Gothica



kakuidori said...

sorry to hear about the 'only space that is dark enough is my wardrobe' thing but hey, at least you look really nice in this dress :-D so i can't wait to see tomorrows post!

Lesthi said...

Very pretty pictures ^^

Lady Of Gothica said...

Kakuidori & lesthi: thank you so much dear <3

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Great photos, and a great dress! I love the versatility of how you used the ribbon.

Thank you so much for participating! Can't wait to see your other posts for the theme, too!

siouxsiel said...

Great photos and great dress.

Jamie said...

Very pretty/elegant-the dress really becomes you, and the pop of maroon is great!

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