Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red & Black week: Something Red and Black...

This is my 3rd post under these month's red and black week.  Naah no clothes of annoying photoshoot today, just would like to share my favourite stuff that have something to do with this week theme..

1) My first ever goth-punk wedges

Bought it during the early goth days, you know when I was in the baby bat stage..  And this wedges have been through a lot of ''why is this happening to me!!!'' moment and still, it survived well or else I'll cry to death..

What had happened to it?

1) The original claps just simply broke (both sides ok!), so I sew some metal lobster hook to replace them.
2) The wedge part nearly fall off.  Wanna hear the best part is?  It happened during my senior dinner when I was running to the stage to get my prize.  Perfect!

Lots of love 

2) Victorian-ish earrings and necklace set

I never worn the earrings actually because it doesn't suit my with my face and actually bought this set because I was crazy about the necklace..hehehe 
Yeap, I wore this like freaking hundred times.  Also hade the ouch! moment where the claps broke.  I think claps and hooks hated me like hell..  But since I do lots of diy things, I saved this necklace..

3) Mom said it looks like something from Evanescence wardrobe, so I bought it.

This is a rare and old thing..  You guys probably see me wearing this piece from my first post for this week theme (hint: Girls Generation like shoot)

4) Spiders on a necklace should not be a problem

Isn't this lovely?

5) Bracelets

On the left, got it from a friend
On the right, bought it myself

I really love the design of each piece.  So freakin' victorian!!!!!!!!!!

6) Cute hair clip

7) Roses are not usually red..

The black one is my most favourite
Corsage rage!!!

Well that's all for today

With love,

Lady Of Gothica


Lesthi said...

I dont know where to start because everything is so pretty! xD The shoooes is just wow <3 the spider necklace is exactly my kind of necklace.

Blackblood said...

I love all of this ! The wedges are especially cute and the spider necklace too !

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Those shoes are so awesomely unique! I absoluttely love your bracelets... and everything you posted!

Lynoire said...

Yup, the shoes and the spider necklace are my fave too, but everything is so pretty indeed! ^^

siouxsiel said...

Such beautiful pieces. Love the spider necklace.

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