Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Parcel Parcel Parcel

Malam semalam, aku inbox enna banana shop (sila click link beliau) about order aku around 2-3 weeks ago.  Finally barang2 aku dah sampai kat dia, and insyaAllah she will post it today..  Yay!!!

*updates coming soon*

Pehal aku batak semacan ni sial?

*new update*

Yay!!!! Barang aku dah sampaaaaaai kejap tadi!!!  Woaaaaahhh!!!  Jakun gila siaaallllll!!!

Tapi seronok hanya sekejap saja sbb lepas ni aku ada bnyak benda nak kena setelkan..  Contoh;

1) Ajar akak aku akaun (akak, mane satu ko jgn tnya, ramai sgt akak2 aku ni)
2) Kecikkan baju komander along..  dia ni mmg nak aku je setelkan baju dia...hhaha terharu bhai
3) Buat chocolate dessert utk incik along jugak..

Sangat seronok..  Tgk! Sape kate time cuti sem tak buzy?  Aku buzy ok..  Ok tipu je lebih..

Aku nak show off gambar ni..  Cepat la tgk!! Awk! Awk! cepatla tgk! 

*paaaang sedas*

Mr. Parcel!!!



Aku dapat banyak gila bubble wrap!!  Jadi satu harini aku main picit-picit je.

So, this is item 1..  Seriously, I'm not a fan of twilight.  I think those ants having sex outside my house had a better love story than twilight, but I can't resist the design of this pencil case.  Freaking awesome..

yes editted by me..not real colour..I need it to be edward-ish tone

  d59f1887 b3923e6a
Close-up for the embedded prints

My stuff from the previous pencil case.  It's easier for me to carry this during classes and exams coz I can see everything inside my case..

The 2nd item is....

MAC make-up pallette..

yeah!! puke rainbow people!!





Since I purchased above RM100 I think,  enna from banana shop gave me a free gift..  An awesome LV wallet..


This is how it look on the inside if you guys are wondering..

Anyways!! Thanx Enna!!  You rock!!!

Here are some shots I made by using the make-up pallette..

*sorry if my make-up sucks :(*




This is the complete look...It's somehow a Dark Angel turned into Mother Earth inspired make-up..The rose,  I it did by using a stencil..The design I got from google and cut them out myself.  Not perfect but I like it


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