Friday, April 6, 2012

I hate assumptions :(

My best friend totally in love with my chocolate dessert..I repeat chocolate dessert not me..

So, I always make some for him coz I felt happy when people love my food.  It's fun to see people enjoy your cooking.  It's like therapy..  True story.

But then, this case, MOM..with no S..

Always suspects I got ''sumthing'' with his son..  Dude!!  That is just soo freaking euuwww..  He's like a brother to me.  Really? 

And this is not the first time ok..  I've heard bout it a lot and how she doesn't really get interested in me for who really I am..

Stop assuming stuff man.. I mean like really really stop assuming stuff bout me..

I know I'm this dark kid, I wear black all the time, I'm a fucking goth but I'm a human being too.  

I have feelings too ok..  Not just a plain dummy that you can assume everything about..  Totally can't say much because I respect my friend..

Just gotta say, without my help, your son totally not good enough like he does now..

Sorry if this is a very emotional entry but I really hate being so FUCKED UP..  enough said PEOPLE!!

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