Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st April Monthly Theme: Flowers...

Well this is my first time of participating this monthly post..hope I can make it interesting :D for you guys. 

 1st April theme is all about flowers!! Yeaaahh!!  Ok I swear I'm not a big fan of flower BUT there are a few floral stuff that can make me go nuts.  And therefore, I'm gonna post a lil entry that reflects flowers in the morbid kind of fashion..

For example:  Wedding flower bouquet

These are my favourite flowers, Dark red roses and black calla lilies (credits to [link])

credits to link (black callas)
credits to link (dark red roses)

Aren't they adorable???  I like the mysterious effect of these flower,  dark and romantic that is.  

And for another example: clothing/fashion

1) Floral motive shoes..
credits to link
Why do these shoes have to be so adorable and making me want them all??  I really love the roses tattoo design on the shoes and they really work well with most of the dark outfits..  What a great artwork..

2) Floral motive dresses
source: google, credits to (link)
The first time i saw Lily Allen worn this dress really had made a punch in my face.  This dress has sort of rainbow floral design on it but can still look so goth and dark.  Of course because Lily had her dark make up on but imagine that you only see the dress, I'm pretty sure that this goth-floral dress really kick ass.  Thumbs up for the designer!

And I also have a few splash of flowers on my outfits...  Hope that I can inspire you guys with my sense of style :D

1) Floral-blood splatter effect corset..

april theme 2

Bought it on 2010 if I'm not mistaken only for RM39.90 (approximately USD13).  It's a love at the first sight corset.  I was really in love with the design.  At first glance it looks like I've killed someone with rage (yeaah!) but then those blood stain are actually flowers painting..  Paint flowers with blood on a white corset??  hhmm ya think?

told ya!! looks like someone painted it with blood

2) Tube bubble dress with floral design embroidery..

floral embroidery details of the dress
I really had the bubble dress obsession a few years back.  I was shopping with my mum and then I saw the dress.  I don't really want it but it keeps on calling for me (hallucination of a shopaholic).  Fine!  I took the dress, tried it on and baaaaam!!!  It gets into my wardrobe easily (wtf is wrong with me?).  But somehow I really love it because it's really simple and casual.

I've altered the dress a bit.  I attached ribbons for the strap (I really need the coz the dress keeps on falling off from my chest *troll dress mood*) and added black embelishments to add a lil bit of glam eventhough I don't think anyone could see it but who cares?  As long as I love it, then I'm fine...  Can't remember the price but I think it was like RM29.90 or something, approximately USD10.

3) Vintage floral leggings


The leggings are legendary because it was my mom's.  My granma bought it for my mom during her teenage years and finally she passed it down to me and it still looks new eventhough it had go through more than 20 years of fashion ups and downs.  Fashion salute!

4) Grey dark floral-snow mini dress

I think I bought this dress last year.  I love the functional zipper at the front and it's material is very comfortable and cooling.  I'm a big fan of the dress but I love it since it fits me well..

cute tiny flowers
5) My prom dress

april theme 1

Sorry if you guys can't see the little black rosettes :(
Totally worn it one but totally rockin' it.  Eventhough I didn't really enjoy my prom but the dress worth every penny..Bought it at the price of RM200++ (approximately USD65++).  I love the floral ribbons sewn on the bodice of the dress.  Romantic but yet reflects the dark side of me..

6) Purple flower top


I bought this top last year for RM25 around 8 bucks only from an online shop on facebook..  Not much story bout this outfit but it's kinda fancy for a goth to wear.  Really good for rainbow craving  goth days :D

And that's all for this month's theme entry..

With love,
Lady Of Gothica


kakuidori said...

oh i like that blood-splatter-flower dress! and never knew calla lillies came in black! how amazingly beautiful!!

Lady Of Gothica said...

i know rite!! those bloody prints really kick ass..thanx for your comments dear <3

Raphael said...

I'm not sure if I've ever seen those flowers in that hue, but that wedding bouquet is very pretty. Dark and romantic indeed, or... dramatic?
That white corset with blood red flowers is absolutely amazing! A lovely fabric!

Lady Of Gothica said...

Raphael: thank you dear..from the moment i saw it, i know that corset is a totally a wonderful piece of scary artwork..

linnea-maria said...

Oh I would like to have a boquet like this on my wedding. It's so beautiful. I would like to have those floral leggings theyre awesome!

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

This is great! Your prom dress looks like it's pretty amazing.
I absolutely LOVE that dress that Lily Allen is wearing too!

Lady Of Gothica said...

Linnea-maria: me too..that bouquet with white wedding dress will look stunning together..

lady bethezda: thanks you dear..and yeah, lily's dress is awesome

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Ooh, the white callas are stunning!! I adore your floral leggings, and the simple grey floral dress.

I'm delighted that you were able to join in this month's theme. I really enjoyed your entry! :)

Lady Of Gothica said...

yay!! thanks so much for your compliment...looking forward to join next month's theme.. <3

Corin said...

You have so many great items of clothing with flowers on them! I think I like the 'blood' corset best though. It's so cool!

Lady Of Gothica said...

thank you corin..


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