Sunday, February 11, 2018

Unboxing Nintendo Switch | Super Mario Bundle

 I'm sorry I know it's February alreadyyyyyy T_T

Let's forget about that and rewind back to the first day of 2018 and my new year's resolution was to buy myself a freakin' Nintendo Switch!!!  Yes, I achieved my resolution just about the first week of 2018 and I got the whole year not regretting anything.

I'm to lazy to type, so here's a very mute kind of unboxing.  For the people who's wondering what they will get in the box.  Note that I got a bundle switch, so that explained the physical copy of Super Mario game.   

Let's get the excitement begin shall we...

Drum roll!!!
The first layer you'll see when you open the box.

Accessories (including game) in the second layer.

And these are the things that you'll received together in the box. 
Game dock - power and HDMI port at the back.
Joy-con grips.
Joy-con straps

AC adapter and HDMI cable.

The games: Super Mario Odyssey (included) and I add on the game that will ruin everybody's relationship, Mario Kart 8.

Ugly flat lay for you guys to drool over.

Btw, I got it on sale because of Asia release promo at RM1699 for the bundle set because I know we'll never get it at this price ever again.  Worth every penny!


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