Saturday, December 30, 2017

#notspons | Tea Obsession OMG!!!

 Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored neither a review.  Just sharing what I love to you guys out there.*

As I'm looking forward to 2018 meaning I'm going to be 25 next year, feeling older I would rather venture into something that I never ever thought of.  TEAS!!!  However, I have never ever made a good cup of tea tho because I have no idea how much sugar would make the tea taste good.  How bad it turned out I would just drink it up and let go...

So I went up to my dear neighbor's online store.  She sells (sea shells) basically organic beauty skin products and as I supposed a tea enthusiast herself, she's selling teas also.  Can get em in a normal packet or in bulk.  I ordered earlier this week but I finally got to start on the tasting.  Since they're having a Year End Sale, I guess this is my chance to spoil myself.  

Literally I bought a pack of dried lemon tea to detox off all my sins, whole collection of flower tea samples since I'm surveying the best for me to get in bigger pack and a very cute and insanely durable lazy teapot/brewer tumbler.  My taste buds gonna be lit af!!!

So here's my so called creative photoshoot I've done this morning, the reason I had to wait until the weekends for an excellent morning lighting.

Shop for teas here:

And yes got this Limited Edition from her also.  I would have to tell you like million times, it's insanely durable.  Just in case if anyone ask and yes I'm soooo in love with this tumbler. 

Okay byeeee.

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