Friday, December 15, 2017

Pranking my mom with fake earplugs.

Please excuse my huge ass nose.  It's in the genetics.
So I was nearly murdered by my mom.  

Long story short, I always have a thing with piercings but I was never allowed to do more other than the normal on earlobe ones.  Yes shocking, a goth with normal piercings.  The fact that I'm afraid of my mom and possible infectious puss actually made my rebellious spirit to chill on that part.

As I'm an adult now (but still scared of mom), buying shit is not longer a problem because I have my own salary and no one ever gonna question about what I purchased, so my creative spirit was like, if you cannot rip out your earlobe, why don't you fake one?

When I saw the fake ear pieces online, I was like;
Credits to Google
So I bought em and got em!!!  And then texted mom *evil grin*

P/s: I don't have the texting screenshot but I'll try to get you guys through this lol

Me: Hi mom! Look!!! Nice ayyy??? *sends photo*
Not the actualy image of me throwing shit to mom but same thing..same thing*
Mom: *trying to control her shit* Yeah nice, but what's is that?

When you showed your mom something, and she saw it and she still ask what is it, you know you gonna get yo ass beat up right? Yeah that's how it was.

Me: Well, I took a time off from the office to get my ears done just now.  You know earplugs.   

Mom: What's earplugs? 
*she knows but it's like a response from her deep denial* 

Me: *actually sent this photo*

Me: Seee...earplugs!!!  Cool right?????  I had it done just now on 1 ear first, then gonna get another one done later.  Mine is quite small coz it's for newbies, they rather not cut it big tho.

Mom:  Stop that shit! You are going to go the hospital and sew that hole back and don't you dare cut the other ear!!!  Stop being stupid and destroying your ears!!!  *and etc.*

Me: But it's nice, I like it :D

Mom: No! Sew it back!!!

Me: Mom, chill...I just got these today...
Mom: WTF?!

Me: I had to prank you tho

Mom: I will actually take you back to that place and sew it you know!

K Thanks Baiiii

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