Monday, March 12, 2018

The start of a brew-tea-ful addiction.

As you can read on the title above.  I'm a fully converted tea-addict.

Why? Because there was once upon a night where I wasn't thinking and I had finished a little bit of iced caramel latte left on the table.  I had it and I cannot sleep the whole night.  And there was my regret...

As I was searching the internet for unique tea blends (and companies) that operates locally and found TeaBirdTea. I purchase a couple of travel packs to give myself a try for their blends.  Being a tea noob, I'm very dumb at making teas and my taste buds can't seem to accept the taste of the teas I made.  So I reached out to their team for some tips and had a very positive responses from Ashleigh the MD of Balcony Bloomer (the company).  Such a sweetheart she even sent out a tin for me to give it a try (oh well shall I say #spons lol!).  

Later that week, I discovered the perfect recipe using my knight and shining armor.  

Not to worry lemons doesn't kill the taste at all, they actually made it better.  However, they do made the taste a little less strong, which actually suits my taste buds.  

So I guess it would be nice if I share to you guys my simple recipe, hopefully they'll made your day just like mine.

Thanks for hanging out here, I'll see brew-all later byeeee

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