Monday, September 5, 2016

What am I up to these days | Gaming Sims 3 in 2016-Ep. 3

Hello everyone, it's me again apologizing for not updating about my gaming shit for a while. ðŸ˜…

My previous update shows until the dining area of the house, so today I will be showing you guys the skills development areas of the house.  I don't think its a house anymore, its a goddamn mansion now.  I know its creative as fuck as I'm bragging about my talent on building this mansion but it took like a really long time for my sims to move from one area to another.  

Like Gaaawwddd wtf?! ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­

The blank area next to the gym is still under construction btw. 

Still floating.  To all especially newbies who wonders wtf with all those columns?  Well just so you know each columns provide small multiple grids functioned to levitate a new floor area so that you can build on it.  That's why I put a lot of columns down there (which will be deleted after I finish designing the mansion) so the house can float later.  Magic beetch!

Here's the very small gym coz you know, who likes working out duhh 

The next room is far more relaxing and is build for reading (multiple skills), expanding logic, music and art skills for my sims.

The small door from the previous area acts like a secret passage for my witch-crafting room and only be access through that door only.  Witchy!  

I'm so in love with this decor setting.  Candles...candles everywhere.

I guess that's all for today.

Happy simming!

Remember my Gardening Challenge and 10 Generation Challenge that I've never finished because I my laptop crashed into a pit of darkeness twice or more than that

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