Sunday, October 16, 2016

What am I up to these days | Gaming Sims 3 in 2016-Ep. 4

I moved out.


I know you guys are laughing at me.

My huge mansion became very inconvenient because I made everything into a single level thus the game had lagging issues on loading everything at one go.

So yeah, moved out to a smaller lot and now getting stressed out on making the smallest most compact house ever!

Just so you know, I renovate the house and add the second floor but it still didn't work for everything gotta go including my favourite living area T_T

Final glance of the stupid  mansion.  Look at it beetch! LOOK!!!!

Those were the 3 rooms renovated to the second floor.

Goodbye ugly floating wreck.

Say hello to my new house on the next entry. 

Happy simming!

Remember my Gardening Challenge and 10 Generation Challenge that I've never finished because I my laptop crashed into a pit of darkeness twice or more than that

Here are my challenges for you guys to check out...

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