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Album Review | Predicate Not Defined - Cosmosis Indulgence

Hi everyone, apparently this would be the most bad-ass request I've ever gotten in my entire blogging no-so-career thing.  I was offered to make a full album review on Predicate Not Defined's latest album which is called Cosmosis Indulgence and believe me I'm very honoured and also freaked out at the same time because they are legit "otai".  Still taking this as a challenge though.

Read: otai - people who are senior/expert in their field.

Also I had to involve my mom since most of her criticism are dependable, so thanks mom! 

To all my readers, locals and internationals hope you guys will check out this band and give your full support and literally I'm forcing (lol!) you guys to read this entry because it took me days to finally finish this review. 

Can't you see how serious this is? lol

Band:  Predicate Not Defined
Album:  Cosmosis Indulgence
Year:  2016
Genre:  Oriental Progressive Experimental Metal 
Origin:  Penang, MALAYSIA

  • They started in 2001 with metalcore-industrial music influence.
  • Cosmosis Indulgence is their 3rd album, the first two was "The Story Remains the Same (2007)" and "Fear, Forgotten and Regret (2010).
  • Performed in Singapore for Iron Maiden tribute gig (2004).
  • Usually includes the elements of Malaysian traditional tunes such as joget, keroncong, irama pop kugiran and etc. in certain parts of their songs.
  • Has gotten many reviews from local magazines like ROTTW, Konserts and many more through out the years.
  • Their fanbase has spread out all over Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines as well as Brunei.
  • The band once had a female vocalist in their early years.


2001 demo = 2nd needs (hardcore)
2002 EP = beginning (metalcore, grunge)
2002 Independent Music Compilation, songs: "Exception Occurred" (metal core)
2003 single = delightful thought (industrial, experimental)
2003 EP = child of revolution (hard rock, progressive, joget)
2004 Bebas Compilation, songs "Delightful Thought" & "Punishment of Evil Madness
2005 EP = Punishment of Evil Madness (extreme metal, black metal)
2007 Album = The Story Remains The Same (self release, progressive metal, various, 10 songs)
2010 Album = Fear, Forgotten and Regret (self release, progressive metal, various, 10 songs)
2012 Single = Magnificent (youtube released, reverbnation released, free streaming)
2015 Single = Uprising (youtube released, reverbnation released, free streaming)
2016 Album = Cosmosis Indulgence (self release, progressive metal fusion, various, 14 songs)

-The Album Review-

After listening to this album for more than 3 times just to get the vibes and thoroughly recognizing all the sounds that is possible to be heard  in this entire masterpiece, I shall conclude that this record is awesome as f*ck!!!

Every track (total of 14) in this album has their very own unique momentum and real hard power. PND actually created their empire through this album by having a moving build-up energy from one song to another.  This is great as it's not something flat and stagnant all the way to the end.  All the songs fluctuates up and down but the powerful momentum amazingly kept building up and up.  I believe they really kicked their pumps up real hard on this record.  

The arrangements were obviously progressive and experimental but somehow the weirdly mismatched sounds actually hold the wonderful elements of surprise.  I'm not talking about one song, but the whole entire album has this kind of style.  Basically my point of view focusing on the guitars and drums that always give you the elements of surprises and wonders of what sounds will be produced next and next and next.

Also to add more, how are these sounds gonna compliment each other and combine beautifully to become a song and also how the songs give out their flows through the entire album without killing its power and momentum.  Can you imagine how awesome the guys from PND who were actually able and genius enough to produce something like this?Neither can I but obviously this album shows their success.

The niche characteristic of this album is that they blend the old school 50s-60s Malay kugiran music into (my most favourite) song, Malay Vivarium and also the iconic theme song from the legendary movie Pendekar Bujang Lapok 's in the final track of this album, The Mustar Anthem.  Not to forget Physic got itself some dance anthem the cheer you up too.
The least favourite to my ear is Hydrogen because the early part of the song is quite disturbing to my ear but it jumps out right to the good part in the middle.  

I'm not gonna tell everything here, buy the album and listen it for yourself.  I swear no regrets will be upon you.

Words can be described; | Power | Great momentum | Moving | Fun | Successful |

P/s: My mom did say that this album is awesome and she likes the drum tracks.  She was all positive when I made her listened to this album.

Hopefully this review did a great favor for everyone and thanks for reading :D

Have a nice day forever!!!


Buy Predicate Not Defined's Cosmosis Indulgence HERE
Price: RM30

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