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What am I up to these days | GoodandSoldKL #GNSBASICWEARCOLLECTION


Today I'll be doing a post on something that involving me modelling with my resting b*tch face and still manage to be in a basic wear campaign.  How they would still choose I don't know how but that is lovely and very much appreciated you guys :D.

Also the best part of it that I was the makeup artist both for me and the male model (he did cringed a lot though).  The brief concept for my face was something simple, naturally indie street look, nothing demonic like how I look everyday and some pop of color on the eyes and lips.  For the male model, who is also a singer of this band, I just had to do some contouring and Edward-Cullen the sh*t out of his face.  sorry bruh.

behind the scene

So basically months ago we had a photo shoot together with the upcoming Malaysian brand, Good and Sold for their latest basic wear collection.  With their hashtag #GNSBASICWEAR, this brand came up with a street wear unisex debut collection that were launched around a month ago.  

Their designs are minimal but very eye catching with an urban lightning  vibes struck into them.  The materials are comforting and very wearable in the hot sun.  The modern cutting also flaunts and flows perfectly on your body as well and the best part is, this collection is good for casual-office wear too.  Add a blazer on top and you are good to go!


G&S T-SHIRT (WHITE) designed for unisex.
This minimal top can be social-outing outfit, and is super breathable to keep you feeling cool and comfortable year -round.  The shoulder, armholes have all  been redesigned for more fitting, comfortable feel.  The simple crew neckline design goes with any outer wear and accessories, it's perfect for the hottest months of the years.

G&S Signature T-SHIRT (BLACK)
Super comfy black custom made  t-shirt with back tail cut for the ladies.  Made from ultra fine fibres, the deep scoop neckline and fishtail design means it stays hidden under your outer layers to keep you dry and comfortable all year-round.

Designed for unisex.  Keep it up a notch in style with G&S RAGLAN, stretchable and fits to your body structure.  T-shirt is made with ultra-fine fibres for an amazingly light, smooth feel.  They are simple, color blocking and have 3-quarter sleeves with front back printing of their signature logo . Available in 2 colours. Which one is your fav?

Also designed for unisex. Go linear with our G&S STRIPED T-SHIRT. This top is design with G&S signature logo. Stretchable and fits to your body. Made with ultra-fine fibres for an amazingly light, smooth feeling.

To purchase this elevating #OOTD check out their onlinestore here 
(Whatsapp: 013-2967493).  

Price starts from RM40.

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Photos: Good and Sold KL (Azrul & Shazlyn)
Talent: El & Why
Makeup: Why


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