Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What am I up to these days | Eid Day

Gosh!!! After a very long time, I managed to finished off my degree and finally free from studying.  So it begins, the wonderful time to rest my mind and decide what to do with my life after this when adulthood hits me right in my head.

and we had Eid celebration, so happy eid to all who celebrates and getting fat for eating to much.

what a lovable cat.

This is my makeup for Eid.  
Wonderfully done with the makeup but lazy af to use the flat iron.

I just love my colorpop ultra matte in Lax

Had a Pokemon go tryouts with my cousins 


The Rafiolis (sadly not all of us were in this picture) and the stripes guy is brother with the guy holding the camera.

So that was it another boring story telling from me.

Stay tune for more boring stories and uncaptioned images from his blog 

Love you guys

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