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Hello everyone, so last week the guys from Three Circle Syndicates and me had a wonderful hangout to do an official promo interview together.  Although the session was far a a bit dragged from the scheduled time but we managed to do it on time. Our table was full since most of the guys in this team was there, it was a bit hard at first to control the conversation but like I said, we managed to do it our best \m/.  

Hopefully with this interview, all of us can bring the good names of our scene to the good people and to the bad eyes of the discriminators.

So here you go, this is the TROUBLEMAKER FEST '16!!!

1) Hey guys, so lets just jump to the first one,  what is Three Circle Syndicate?

Nan: Well the name Three Circles came up because we have 3 bands joined together in this team and the word Syndicate appear as our agenda.   The 3 bands involved are Escape From The Alcatraz (EFTA), Thy Fall Ov Baghdad (TFOB) and Murder Malaysia and we would like to create our own community of our interest, that is Music.

2) When did the idea to establish this team came up into your minds?

 Oni: I usually following up with the progress of the bands that I'm close with like EFTA , Murder and TFOB where we actually have a similar interests in terms of genre.  Then an idea to create a single label for these 3 band struck my mind.  So, everytime there's a show for us, we will move together and perform together since we're being a part of this label.  Also we would like to widen the opportunity for our bands to perform in any show hopefully as many times we can have in a year.
3) I believe you did came up with a very nice name for your team.  For your upcoming gig debut, you guys are organising the Troublemaker Fest.  So is there any specific genre that you guys would focus on? Just tell us about the fest. 

Omar: The name came up because we would like to do a mixed genre themed gig, and also we would wanna show a unity among us, so what else is more suitable rather than to be called Troublemaker...

Oni: Since we are the so called underground community, so our main focus of  this is to make this scene to stand out among others, while at the same time uniting people instead of bashing each other.

Nan: We are not gonna be bias towards any genre for this first gig.  The fest would welcome all genres of this underground scene no matter you're already established or new comers.  Any bands who would produce music and craft it into something amazing would be treated equally and no discrimination towards any genres.  I you can produce good arrangements, and songs, you're in! 
We do this not because of money or fame, its just that we appreciate music and creativity.  

4) How many bands will be joining this fest?

Nan: I was suppose to be 13 bands to join us but one of them pulled out because their timing clashed with another gig that they will be performing.  So now its only 12 bands to rock out!!!  
(please check out their poster for the band listings)

5)  What is the meaning of music to you guys? Maybe we can pass around this question to each one of you haha..

Nan: It is a place to express your feeling and get you inner peace.  Religion is all about finding peace, it music is a religion, you will find peace in music.

Ehsan: It is something that soothes the mind.  If you're stressed out on work, by listening to music you will me more relaxed and would finish your work in a less stress condition.

Ikram: It is a place to show our creativity and to fly high.

Omar:  Music is very different from maths, science and they can be solved, but music is very wide,unsolvable and unlimited. 

Asch: To me music is a place to express my feelings and can be used as a medium to send out messages to anyone out there.  It gives out feelings and emotions to a person, but the kind of music depends on their preferences.

Oni: Music is a place for me to deliver messages to people.  It is one of the ways to tell people something.  Some would prefer professional talks, or motivational classes, but since we're in the music industry, we deliver it through music and song that eventually would give satisfaction to everyone.  

6) So are you guys going to officially establish this label?  What are you future outcomes will be?

Oni: Yup we're gonna make it well establish and well known.  Hopefully one day we can make a real big festival.  We are not bias to any, so we will give as much opportunities to every bands.

Omar: One day we can gain much profit to open up our own gig hall or studio hhahahha...

7) What are the future plans for each bands?

 Ehsan: I hope to focus 100% on this label and my band, Murder after finishing my studies...

Asch & Omar: Future for EFTA is we would like to concentrate on our EPs and produce the best music for our listeners. 

Oni: For TFOB, we would like to perform in Japan.  For the time being we're still recording 3 songs and more would be after Eid.  We want to publish our materials in Japan.  For the EP, it will be publish soon and would be announced in our Facebook page.


So that's all guys.  Don't forget to catch these guys and other awesome bands performing on the Troublemaker Fest '16 on this Saturday, 4th of June at Behave, Ampang Point!!!

Show your support and be the most awesome crowd on that day!!!

See ya!

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