Sunday, February 28, 2016

DIY Room Scent Diffuser | 5 seconds of crap and darkness

I'm so obsessed with room scent especially the scent of Jasmine.  I did had to buy a few times because it evaporates quickly when I just pop the bamboo stick in the scent bottle.  So I had to do something that would save a lot of scent and at the same time, it last longer per dose..

I got some scrap tissue paper and cut them in any shapes or length of strip.

Cut one bamboo stick into smaller pieces because you need the liquid to absorb in them faster.

Get a shot glass or any appropriate size clear glass, put all the little pieces in it and pour the liquid into the glass until the sticks are soaked.

Stuff the tissue paper in the glass with each layers being sprayed or sprinkled with the scent.  

And there you have it...

I know, it's damn class...

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