Sunday, February 28, 2016

DIY Gothic Lace Dreamcatcher 1 | Second dreamcatcher coming soon

Trust me, this project took more than 2 weeks for me to finish because I don't exactly have the right design that I want and I'm too dumb to think about the weaving method.  Failed a few times, so I just made using simpler options...

The basic is, find a hoop and cover the whole surface with rope or thick thread,  This is for texturing purposes.

Paint the whole thing in black or you can just cover everything with black yarn.  Be creative guys!!!

I missed snapping on these parts, so let me get you through it.

I glued 3 layers of lace, 2 at the front and 1 layer at the back.
Cut them according to shape.
Glued loose fleece on the rim of the hoop, because I had a little of creativity and now having lots of regrets.

To cover the glue stain, I bought a whole pack of yarn and glue it on the ugly part.  Also for texturing purposes.

Braided some yarn for the top loop hole.  

I also made a tassle using leftovers of yarn from the braid.

Now you just have to figure out how to add the strings through the small-holed lace material and hang it with the most wonderful command strip.

I had this one hanging above my headboard.

The next one will be on the opposite of my bed.

Hopefully this helps.

Happy crafting!
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