Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 2015 Haul and Review!!!



My favourite is the Arwen Evenstar, only RM19!!!  

This shop made my dream came true because I've been looking for the evenstar like forever.

Friendly and fast service!!!  Delay only occured because of the custom.  Other than that, they are trustworthy.  



Since the metallic tattoos are so in season, I went a lil bit crazy on my tattoo haul.  I got like 5-6 sets of these amazing blings.  All very good quality and very waterproof.  

The only drawback is when you put it on your back, as you lie down for a few hours during sleep, the tattoo will stick on your shirt only if you're sweating and have a room with a temperature like Mordor.  

The service is very good and fast.  No complaints.




This game had been around in my bag for quite sometime and finally I got myself to play this one.  I've been busy with classes (but not studying though) and Pokemon (got lost in the game and too lazy to read the online walthrough or even restarting the game).  So I just leave Pokemon alone and let my savior to finish it.  A very hot savior.  

This game is dope!!!  For a person like me that really not into think in any situation, I would recommend this.  The mission guide is nearly perfect and didn't leave you hanging.  

Rating: 5/5



This is a very special album because:

1) It's a debut album of my fellow acquaintance (I knew their bassist)
2) It's a dakwah kind of album with a black metal genre.
3) It's a local band album but when you listen to it you might get confused with the other European black metal bands.
4) The lyrics are perfect.

Rating: 4.8/5

Check them out here: 

To purchase the album and other merch, email:

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