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Exclusive band interview #1: Lakes and Snadders


Hello guys!  I’m very honoured that you guys agreed to do an interview with The Vith and since this is the first time ever I’m doing an exclusive interview with a band so I hope we would rock this interview together.  \m/

1)    Can you guys introduce youself to the readers and instruments you’re playing?
Assalamualaikum. Well hello guys! We are Lakes & Snadders, Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band hail from Klang/Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.  We are 5 piece metal band, Since 2008.  For those who have already know about us, thank you guys for your concerned.  For those who don’t, we are here, enjoy this interview, read it wisely and spread our images and words to your mate. 

So your first question is, Instruments?  Basically, our instrument is just the same with other metal band.  A single drummer, 2 guitarist player, a very single bassist also a part of backing vocal though and one vocalist/screamer.

2)    How did you pick your band name?
We had a lot of names before.  We started with Diamond for Dayana, Dayana is actually one of our very understanding female friend's name.  Our 2nd name is Asthalin, but there's another band using it and It's official though.  After that we changed to Echidna which mean is "Dahlia" or Tulips by terms of full of joy.  We came out with our final name and everybody's agreed, Lakes & Snadders based on the idea of Snakes & Ladders board game.  We swapped the letters because of we despise the idea of living with Snakes & Ladders way of life.  Get to the higher level by our own stepping on the ladders and be pulled under easily by the SNAKES (misfortune).  Once again, our name based on the idea of Snakes & Ladders.

3)    What is the story behind your official band logo?
The story behind our official logo is we are like oftentimes changing our bandmates.  Firstly, we are trying to change our path, we try to change our directions and ideology from the old one to the new one trailing by the time flows.  We also want to let you know that we change this through other influences from every band mate who had been selected.  Our logo is a way to attach each message and our journey to all those who look at us, fast and compact. A round shape of the world and we in it.

4)    Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?
We have discovered the world of Metalcore since the year of 2008.  Since then we were attached within it and we felt so comfortably playing based on this genre because of the Metalcore's attitude itself, which building our hopes and exactly the melody and riffing are so catchy.  We're focusing on Metalcore, but we also play other genre.  The identity and the ideology of Metalcore gave not just us, but to the listeners an impact.  Good question.

5)    Who are your musical influences?
The band that inspired us the most is Blessthefall, by musical, lyrical, theatrical and attitude. Fight with music and arts.  We will make a difference to the world of Metalcore we hope.

6)    How do you describe your music to people?
Our music as you all knows it, metal.  Full of meaning and the story behind the lyrics that you hear.  Our music is maybe a little old school, but easier to hear now and having the old and the new pattern in creating music.  We hope our music can inspire our listeners and listeners of other musical genres. In creating music, we will apply the hopeful and certain messages.

7)    Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?  What is your usual songwriting process?
Writing a lyric is quite challenging to us.  Technically, our influences are big, huge and astonishing.  We wrote based on humanity, religion and the history.  Basically, we were trying to observe the problems of the world and we tried to enlightened up and elaborated more.  Some religious writings are very helpful in order to applied our thought about the world.  For the lyrics, we always will discuss together about its contents no matter where. Usually, our drummer and vocalist will discuss it and will be agreed with the others.

8)    You guys just released the Fragment music video (cool vid btw!), how would you describe the storyline/inspiration of the MV?
Our music video, it is a random idea about the song title and the lyrics themselves.  We tried to think of something unusual, but easy to understand.  There are three stories in the music video.

The first story is about a man who is not in the know, he fights with himself and it is symbolic of the man who has failed in his life and had almost nothing.  Find his way home, his life looking for light.

The second story is about five young men who do not know each other.  Each of them is the ordinary man and came across with a book with old symbols, which means hope.

The third story is so we ended up with a goal to prove ourselves to all who follow us from the beginning and to the world.

Thank you because you have seen our MV. We hope it will give satisfaction to all of you.

9)    What is the hidden meaning of your single, Fragment?
This fragment is a breakdown of past memories might come back.  From the lyrics themselves are capable of managing their own point of view.  Perhaps it relates to a lot of people, maybe even you who are reading this.  Hope you are entertained by our songs. Interesting question.

10) Anything you’d like to share, from new merch to upcoming gigs or songs/albums?
Oh yes!  We are planning to make more Merch for the next single.  Our merchandise is a shirt that on tape by the design of our own.  The album / EP, we will issue our singles from the EP will likely come out in the future.  The date has yet to be decided but we will tell you about the progress.

11) What live performance experience have you had? How does your fans react to your music?
We have quite a lot of life experience which we will never forget.  Many bitter sweet experience when we play live.  We had to go show desperate struggle even though no money, no place to stay and we’ve also exposed like dead amp, dead mic live, but we also white water solely for the audience.  Always very supportive and happening crowd.  Their reaction to our very satisfactory.  We are very grateful to you, the audience.  Without you there is no us.  Keep rocking guys.

12) Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal?
For now, we are extremely independent.  If there is any label that wanted us as their artist, and we are very excited about welcoming it.  Whether it's indie or mainstream, we do not mind as long as they provide good cooperation.

13) How do you see yourself/band in the upcoming years? 
Our journey is still far and more of our target for the future.  We see the future there will be many more challenges we remedied travelled together.  The future is not yet set, but we will try our best to use our power to determine our future more towards excellence.

14) What is the craziest thing that you guys had done together during gigs/studio sessions together?
So far, nothing too crazy we 've done in the studio or on stage.  For us the craziest thing is, we played one song for three hours.  Besides that, we are less crazy. Hahaha!

15) How do you rate your live performance ability?
Depend on the audience.  When the audience is silent and does not enjoy, we knew we were not good and are in trouble, we will do post - mortem through our live video after the show.  So far, we are at normal levels.  For us, we are not too great and not too severe.  We will not compare us with other bands because we may not be at their level.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.  Wishing you all would have a great success in the future with the band. 

And one last question, would you like to merge with and make The Vith as one of your official publicist?

And last but not least your question without a number.  Sure, why not. It’s our pleasure to collaborate with you.  Thank you for having and we will keep in touch with you, The VITH. We wish all the best to you and stay safe, healthy and always been wider.  Let the lights surround you.

Lakes And Snadders is a Malaysian Metalcore based band from Klang/Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.  The band founded in late of 2008 by the two original members Emir and Fazi.  After quite lots of show and several line-up changes, the band went to hiatus. After graduated from school Emir and Fazi decided to re-formed the band with Elle later joined by Khalaf.  Since then, Lakes And Snadders started a meteoric rise after a long hiatus.  Initially in-re-formation in late of 2010 and several members had parted ways during the early days.  The band has been reformed back in September of 2010 with its 3 original members and a new bassist filling the missing gap.  In December of 2010 the band released their very first demo songs called 'clarity arise' and followed by their first pre-mastered single called 'Now I Claim Your Sun' in May of 2011.

Former Bandmates:
Elle – Screamer
Emir – Guitarist/Vocalist
Khalaf – Bassist
Fazi - Drummer

The band is heavily influenced by religious and spiritual theme into their writings.

Our music is not just a typical Metalcore, each members come from different music varsities and influences and then blended in our sound, composition and writings (lyrics).
In early of year 2012, Lakes And Snadders is filled up by Putra/Dirufied Ziddy (now he has a legitimate joint Daarchlea as a screamer) replacing Elle due to a matter that we can’t literally speaking up.  He brought the new light enlightened us all as a new writer to a band.
2013 early, Putra had left the band to join Daarchlea and his place being replaced by now, our saturated screamer/vocalist, Akhil.  Later join by Siv, our regular guitarist at this time because Emir had left the band to catch his dreams.

            Lakes And Snadders are now fix with 5 regular members.  Through their passion and dedication, they mustered the idea to restore the band to the world and comeback with a new material, eargasm and more melodic also harmonize with your routine life long and never be forgotten.

In the year of restoration which is in late 2014, December, we for the very first time released our proper recorded single and it is official track debut to Lakes And Snadders it-self called “Fragment” to show to the world that we’re still alive and energetic to perform our best for.

Current Bandmates :
Akhil – Screamer/Vocalist
Zurin – Guitarist
Siv – Guitarist
Khalaf – Bassist
Fazi - Drummer

"The Light Enlighted Us All"

The band consists of 5 teenage youngster who tries to deliver out the youth angst with a relentless blast to your ears.  With oldest members is at 22 years old and the band are struggling to be apart from the others in the strain.

With the coming of 2015 and a new members in the mess. The band are now armed with a new mission, vision and perspective.

To come out with a new lights.

Be please to listen, hear and watch us on our social media :

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