Thursday, July 29, 2010


ini adelah kepala otak tambah ideologi tambah prinsip hidup gua through lagu ganas2..sangat poetry..seriyes dowh kalo x paham mmg aku x salahkan korg..

1) i see the angels, i lead them to you door,
there's no escape now, no mercy no more,
no remorse coz i still remember, the smile when you tore me apart...

2) i see kingdoms through ages,
rise and fall i've seen it all,
i've seen the horrors, seen the wonders,
happened just in front of my eyes...

3) give me strength to see the truth,
the doubt within my soul,
no longer i could justify,
the bloodshed in his name..

4) frozen inside without your touch,
without your life, daring only you,
are all alive among the dead...

5) why have you waiting to embrace me my dear,
cold is your silence dennying what is real,
i'm still wondering why, i'm still calling your name my dear...

6) i'll face it coz it's the heart of everything...

7) open up your eyes, save yourself from fading away now,
don't let it go, open up your eyes,
see what you've become don't sacrifice,
it's truly the heart of everything...

8) this world may have found you,
it does'nt give you reason why...

9) are they deserve to blame,
the misery the pain,
did'nt really let go,
allow to let it grow,
if we can't restrain,
the beast which dwells inside,
it will find it's way,
somehow somewhere in time...

10) wanna kill and rape you the way you rape me,
it's on, i'll pull the trigger and you're down, down ,down,
so why are you trying to make fun of me,
you think it's funny what the fuck you think it's doing to me,
you take your turn lashing out of me,
i want you cry when you're in here in front of me....

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