Friday, July 10, 2009

Gothic Military Style

I found out that the fashion industry has made an awesome fashion statement. Military boots combine with military jacket will give a goth-geours matching look.. It's quite awesome for the goth community that are looking forward to the latest fashion style but still have the gothic essence.. If they are fond with those jackets, they and can match it with the military boots and tulle skirt.. I got some inspirations from Amy Lee, the awesome gothic fashionista.. She wears beautiful outfits during her live performance and photoshoot sessions and she did wore the tulle skirt with the military boots.. Here are some of the tulle skirts, jackets and boots that I've found.. Hope you guys like it..

The skirts:

Military jackets:

Military/combat boots:


Cindy said...

Hey! I completely agree, this new fashion trend that incorporates gothic elements into is just amazing! By the way, I was just wondering, which companies are selling these two jackets that you posted: and
^ I totally want ones like those now~

Nice blog btw :)

gothicvamp said...

hey cindy..sory for the late reply..btw, about the jackets i dont know the shop that sell the stuff coz i just google and take the photos..and yes i wat that jacket too..

thanxx for the compliment

Anonymous said...

awesome! you should check out Psychara's style on her facebook.

btw love your post <3

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