Friday, March 27, 2009

D.I.Y revealed!! with tutorial (image chubby)

Hey all!! Today I would like to give a suprise for you!! Yeah it's revealing my secret d.i.y project!! But you guys have to wait for the other project coz it's in the process of finishing..hahaha..ok..I know, i know..

If you can't see the tutorial, please click on the tutorial part to see the clearer view..(sorry for that)

Yay!! try this tutorial ok..^-^

close-up at the zipper

velcro male

velcro female

metal studs

back view

corsage attached to the choker

wear with corsage

zipper on

zipper off


Felly said...

wow! choker nmpk cool kalo pakai tapi not for me..aku tak suka pakai perhiasan...ko pandai tak buat gloves? aku suka gloves and arm warmers. ko ni memang ada talent nak buat goth crafts.

gothicvamp said...

hey!! owh ko x ske pkai accessories ek..kalo gloves aku x pernah try wat lagi arr..hahah thanxxx..ko pown boleh try gak buat bender nih gune tutorial kalo tetiba ko terajin nak pakai choker plak..muahahah

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