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EP Review | Frost and Revenge - 3 Years in Vain

Holo everyone, I'm back again with a review for the band Frost and Revenge with their new EP that was released on December 2016.  First and foremost, I would like to congratulate them for successfully completing their EP and good God I get to review it on my blog HAHA!!!

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Apparently I’m writing this in my office since I have a lot of free time for being very competent with my day job report and only this could help me to stay awake for the next 6 hours of boredom.  

A gentle reminder for you guys, I've already listened to their EP for several rounds so everything I say might not being agreed by some of you but b*tch I'm real and not under the influence of a strong sinus-allergy medicine. 

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m doing this on a VERY VERY PROFESSIONAL basis. Every comments and critics are based on what people want to listen, their demands and etc. Also please note that I'm a bitch so I might be extra honest with every shit I say. Lol!

This album consist of 5 original tracks from the band itself. I must say as an EP this whole CD is freaking amazing. They got the GROOVE going on man!!! Needless to say that's why these awesome guys had performed in gigs outside Malaysia. Kudos to everyone.

Arrangements for the songs were rather complicated but each of them got their very own nifty tunes and nothing is similar from one song to another. I can sense all the efforts combined together for every songs they made. As for me, the strings and drums were truly perfect but the vocals were somehow cringing.

I apologize beforehand for saying this but my first thought on the vocals was WTF? Why? Why would they neglect on the vocals quality? I’m not trying to down-sized their effort but this part here, sorry guys I can't hear that the vocals harmonizes with the songs that much.

I know that their vocalist is an excellent singer but my point here is on the vocal production of this CD not on the person himself.

Also to be extra concerned, there's less existence of vocal dynamics since all I can hear is intense screaming from the beginning till the end of this CD. The voice over in track 5 was ok but at this point, people would ask for more dynamics. 

I know I’m not a certified singer (I only sing in the shower) but I’m criticizing based on FANS/LISTENERS' POINT OF VIEW here. I’m not sure if this is how they assume it would the niche of this EP by outcasting the vocal recording quality but if they do, please brainstorm to find other ways to support every elements in each songs, don't ruin them.


I'm very convinced that you guys are great musicians, so please improve the vocal part because this CD has great materials in it. I know it is not an easy thing to do coz I’m not putting myself in their shoes bla-bla-yada-yada but the quality has to be delivered to the extend. Like i mentioned before, fans/listeners want eargasm in every elements.  

As for me, the track listings were great. Momentum kept building up, literally not disappointing at all and very satisfying.  Arrangements were positively tight af and they totally rocked (oh well, Metal!) my face off.  Honestly I can't wait for them to release an album because I know they have more ravishing materials to make their fans and listeners to have an epic blast.

Best track: Left in Silence
Worst track: None. I like all their songs.  Honest opinion here!
Rating: 4 out of 5 unicorns

Good job Frost and Revenge!

You know what I think I should stop because I'm starting to write like a student who's running out of vocabularies for her 1000 words essay.

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